Welcome to Imagine Beyond Games. Take a minute to have a look around. We hope you find something to pique your interest. We are constantly working on new projects so make sure to check back often or simply follow us on Instagram!

About Imagine Beyond

What is Imagine Beyond? It is about going beyond with our games. That doesn’t mean that they will be the most complicated, or the most over the top. It doesn’t mean anything like that to be honest. Let me try to explain it.

Our first game is a card game. 18 identical cards. Beautifully simplistic. We don’t just do card games though. We go beyond. Our second game is looking like it will be a board game.

Not a fan of board games? Don’t worry. We go beyond that. We are currently working on a mobile game that we are going to release to the world as soon as it is done!

Don’t like mobile gaming? Don’t worry! We have first stage plans for a PC/Console game that we are biting at the bit to get started on. Can’t wait to see how it grows once we get started on it.

Video games not up your alley? Don’t worry! We have some vague notions for a party game that might help draw people closer together, while threatening to tear them apart.

In short, if we can entertain people with it we are willing to give it a try. We aren’t a typical Game Studio. We aren’t a board game maker. We are willing to make anything as long as it is in some way unique and people enjoy spending time with it. We Imagine Beyond what we are and instead focus on what we can become!