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Chris ‘Mordavian’ Adkins : Lead Analog Game Designer

Chris ‘Mordavian’ Adkins

Lead Analog Game Designer

Chris has dreamed of creating games since he first started playing Super Mario Bros. on his very first NES. Here we are. He is now making his own games.

After completing 4 years with the US Army, he went on to complete an apprenticeship in Germany for application development. While working as a traditional Software Developer, he went on to earn a Bachelors of Science in Game Design from Full Sail University. While continuing to work in software development, he put his degree to work playing around with Unity, but it wasn't until 2020 that his first game came out. Funnily enough, that first game was a card game. He had so much fun making it that he has taken over the creation of all card and board games for Imagine Beyond Games.
Ryan ‘Big_R-07’ Luna : Lead Video Game Designer

Ryan ‘Big_R-07’ Luna

Lead Video Game Designer

Ryan has been a gamer since he was young, playing on the SNES things like TMNT, Duck Hunt and Double Dragon. As time went on his passion grew and saw him make the jump to Playstation stay with it  through all the ages until he now plays the PS4 and soon the PS5.

As a kid and an adult he found great enjoyment in his imagination and the places and worlds that he creates and wanders through. His hope is to instill that passion in others, as well as his own children. This passion took him to Full Sail University where he has earned a Bachelors Degree in Game Design. He is putting that to good use here at Imagine Beyond Games where he works as the Lead Game Designer for Video Games.