About Duel!

Duel! is an identical card game. That means that it is really made up of 18 cards that are all the same. The face of each card has two dirt fields, one with a sword and one without. If you present a sword and your opponent doesn’t, you win! That is all there is to it!

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How to play

Duel! is really easy to play.


First, mix the cards really well. We recommend spreading all the cards on the table and mixing them around.

Once that is done, each player gets half the cards. If there are leftover cards, those are set off to the side and not used this game.


Each player flips over the top card in their stack.

If one player has a sword in the middle and the other has a blank then the player with the sword has won that round. This player collects the cards in the middle and adds them to the bottom of his/her stack.

If there are two blanks or two swords in the middle, then it is a tie and each layer should lay down another card. This continues until someone wins. As before, the winning player will collect all the cards in the middle and add them to the bottom of their stack.

End of game

A game of Duel! is done when one player runs out of cards. The player with cards left is the winner. It is as simple as that!

Expanding the game

If you buy several packs of cards, it is really easy to play with more people. When playing like this, whoever doesn’t have a sword facing the middle is out and the rest keep going until there is a winner of the hand. That player gets all the cards in the middle

Different cards

Keep an eye on this game, our website, or sign up for our newsletter. There is always the chance that we will randomly release a new version of the game with a new sword on it. There might even be a release that has different weapons all together. That will involve adjusting the rules!